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Latest News: Ghanaian Ashawo women say business is not booming because of coronavirus

sex workers in ghana say business is no longer booming because customers are no longer patronizing their services because of the fear of contracting the virus.
due to the rampant increase in the number of corona related cases in Ghana most people have been stroke with fear.
speaking to Asempa FM’s Bonohene Baffour Awuah of a condition of confidentiality, a sex commercial worker stated that the turn out of events is making life very difficult for them as they are no longer making money.
She said although they’ve made available, hand sanitizers and wipes for their customers to clean themselves after sex they still don’t patronize their services.
“Business is not booming as it used to be. Our customers are no longer patronizing our services because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. The Chinese people have cost us a lot with this disease. this is a job that we’ve been doing over the years to cater for our families. but now, if the men are passing and we call them, some verbally attack us. Now the married men don’t stay long in town, they are in a rush to go home to their wives”
She also added ” Even though we tell them that we have wipes that they can use to clean themselves after having sex, they still refuse to patronize our services. we’ve almost run out of business. but the president said only churches and mosques should be suspended. I didn’t hear him saying prostitutes should stop work. We are still working so the men should patronize us to that we can get money to fend for ourselves and our families

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