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Latest News: Former American professional boxer, Mike Tyson advice Deote wilder to grow up(Video)

former American professional boxer, Mike Tyson has taken to twitter to advising Deonte wilder to grow up and stop feeling sorry for himself.

this follows after the former WBC champion lost to now champion Tyson Furry.
Fury knocked his opponent down twice before finally finishing the fight in the seventh round when the American’s corner threw the towel in

“[Wilder] feels like giving up: ‘Oh, my life is over. I’ve made $90million dollars. My life is over. Oh God, I want to die.’ Grow up,” Iron Mike said on Instagram Live to rapper Fat Joe.

“Keep going through it until it’s really over.

“Wilder can still make a lot of money. He shouldn’t feel sad or discouraged. And he should continue to go out there and fight with a lot of zest and confidence.”

In February, Wilder was finally beaten for the first time, when Tyson Fury completely outclassed him in their rematch from the controversial draw over a year before.

Deonte has called for a rematch which is expected to take place sometime in October.

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