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Keche signs new deal with Golden Empire Legacy Limited

The singing duo KECHE in a new development has signed a new deal with Golden Empire Legacy Limited.

Golden Empire Legacy is a corporation in Ghana and commenced business operations in January 2006.

In respect to this new deal, KECHE have been given a 3 bedroom house and car each to commemorate their signing.

Keche Joshua and Keche Andrews sitting side by side to the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Miss. Joana Gyan

One would wonder who Golden Empire Legacy are?

Golden Empire Limited is manned by the visionary and Chief Executive Officer, Miss Joana Gyan, an inspiring businesswoman.

The Company is currently involved in alluvial gold mining, but have plans to go into full fledge large scale open-surface mining, open-pit mining and underground operation.

Their current activities includes; mineral exploration, mine operation, mineral processing and commercialization of precious minerals in Ghana.

Golden Empire Legacy Limited is a Company with a corporate legacy, because of their past deep roots and the future that it is also unfolding.

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