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Video: “I’ve reached out to Alhaji K Frimpong’s family after Cabum’s tweet” – Rocky Dawuni

Video: I’ve reached out to Alhaji K Frimpong’s family after Cabum’s tweet – Rocky Dawuni

Reggae legend Rocky Dawuni has revealed he has contacted the family of Alhaji K Frimpong after the controversial tweet from Cabum.

He told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM he had already taken care of the copyright issues and felt there was a need to directly contact the family of the late singer.

Rocky Dawuni, on Tuesday, said, “there is a system in place that makes sure all the mechanicals of publishing and the rightful owners were taken care of. I understand in Ghana, it has to go through other channels first.”

The musician stated he thought the tweet from Cabum was very unfortunate especially when he had already set things up to cater for the family.

“So, I have reached out to the family and even told them my intention to help them set a direct account so they get whatever is due them, they are part of this remake,” he added.

Musician Cabum during the weekend accused Rocky Dawuni of using his father’s song without seeking permission.

In his bid to call the reggae legend to do the needful, Cabum referred to the Ghana music industry as “bulls**t.”

Rocky Dawuni claimed, remaking ‘”Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu” was out of his utmost respect for the late Alhaji K Frimpong and had no intended malice towards the late singer or his family.

“When I had the gift of recording at the Village Studio in Los Angeles, and I chose to honour Alhaji K Frimpong by recording with all the modern technology in that studio,” he stated.

Rocky Dawuni’s version of ‘Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu’ which features Rapper Sarkodie is a single on his 2019 album ‘Beats of Zion’.

Watch video below:

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