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Many will deem it fit that, Sanitation is one important thing, that breeds a healthy lifestyle and without it, we fall short to enjoying the good life we have ahead of us, though many factors, count for one to live a healthy life.

Decathlon Ghana, Junction Mall branch on the other hand has vowed and planned to make the pleasure and benefits of sports and a healthy lifestyle accessible to all, be it young or old.

In the quest for achieving this healthy lifestyle, decathlon’s mission main mission “is to make sport accessible to as many people as they can, like to help, inspire and guide people through their sports experiences. They believe that being active and discovering new sports every day is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s do some sports together, as together is always more fun”. buy a wide range of sport product from Decathlon Ghana.

To this, Decathlon and liberty industries producers of Kpoo Keke atadwe and ginger liquor took it to the streets this 19th January, 2019 dubbed: DECATHLON GHANA SANITATION AND HEALTH WALK, with their MOTTO being ‘PRESERVE OUR PLANET AND ITS PEOPLE TO PROTECT OUR PURPOSE’

Sanitation is one of the major setbacks affecting the nation on a larger scale, thus impeding the development of Ghana, but Decathlon Ghana, Junction Mall branch is taking turns and projects to make sure that people are sensitized about the importance of sanitation to one’s health, its benefits and its varying effects it has on the nation.

The streets of Junction Mall, starting from the Nungua Barrier saw in full swing Reps of Decathlon Ghana and other associates cleaning and clearing choked gutters from one point to another, final point being the Nungua Senior Secondary School.

Waste in review?

The amount of waste generated in Ghana grows on a daily basis.

Ms. Heather Troutman, a research fellow, Urban Planning, UN Development and Programme, says Ghana produces 1.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, which could be recycled to produce affordable and sustainable building materials.

She said Accra, the capital city also produced 300 tonnes of plastic waste in a day, that is 300000 kilograms of plastic waste.

She said: “This is a valuable resource. We can use it to produce affordable sustainable building materials to create sustainable and resilient infrastructure and provide adequate and affordable housing for all.”

In this cleaning venture, so many was pulled out from the gutters, plastic bottles, pure water sachet and what really caught their attention was a bucket in the drainage. Quite surprising.

Bellow are pictures from the event:

Public Involvement?

Sanitation cuts through the young and old and as such, all are held accountable for the filth generated.

People looked unconcerned as members of the cleaning exercise went about distilling the choked gutters and removing piles of filth.

Public involvement wasn’t seen in this scenario as everyone seemed to be busy with their day’s work and livelihood.

A sore one would say it is as the plan was to cover a huge area stretching further the Nungua – Accra street. People were sensitized about the importance and benefits of environmental sanitation” said Raymond Walker.

The way forward.

Decathlon Ghana, in its quest, aims at organizing the Sanitation and Health Walk once every month to positively impact and affect the mentality of Ghanaians in regards to environmental sanitation, as public awareness is still being made.

Not only is Decathlon Ghana interested in cleaning the streets, but the beaches as well.

By their initiative, another aim is to make sure the shores of Ghana are clean.

In view of this, several cleaning exercises have so far been undertaking at the shores on Mighty, Titanic and Coco beach respectively – a vision in motion.

Coco beach as a first project was allocated with waste bins by Decathlon Ghana, Junction Mall Nungua branch in September, 2018 to curb waste created on a daily basis.

Waste in many forms.

Raymond Walker believes the use of recyclable paper bags on the higher note will solve the sanitation issues hitting the country as a whole, less use of plastic bottles and polythenes.

So let’s define Environmental Sanitation-the art and science of applying sanitary, biological and physical science principles and knowledge to improve and control the environment and factors therein for the protection of health and welfare of the public.

“This is an action to be continued, do it for people to see so that they get involved” said Mr. Kwesi Tabury, Country Manager (Decathlon Ghana)

On a landing note, A serene environment devoid of filth will keep the lungs fresh with oxygen and that can only be achieved when the filth in our environment is dealt with.


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