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Travel journey from Ghana To Nigeria


Traveling from Ghana to Nigeria requires no Visa, all you will need is the basic requirement agree upon by  the two ECOWAS Nation.

Although Ghana shares the same border with Neighbouring country Togo, Ghana has a stronger bond with Nigeria than any other country. Maybe because of Nigeria is not a French speaking country as compared Togo and Benin.

Basic Requirement to travel to Nigeria

travel Nigeria

  1. Passport: one must own a legitimate passport or preferable a voter ID to travel from Ghana to Nigeria.

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  1. Yellow Card: traveler must have a yellow card in their possession, travellers can only obtain this card after vaccination against is done.


There are two ways to get Nigeria from Ghana either by road or by air, going by air approximately should take you 1hr to arrive at Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos  while by bus should take about 8hr hour to arrive at Nigeria.  The distance between Ghana and Nigeria is 1013 km by Air and is 463.9 km by road.

To arrive in Nigeria by a vehicle you can the following transport company: STC, Cross Country, ABC Transport, King Solomon’s CHARIOTS.

Beautiful Places to visit in Nigeria

Nike Art Gallery

Travel Nigeria

Photo Source: Adadike Blog

located in Lekki Lagos, Nike’s Craftsmanship Exhibition is great place to visit with your youngsters, you never know whether one may find his inactive ability. The Gallery is the biggest of its kind in West Africa. Housed in a five-story tall building, it flaunts a gathering of around 8,000 differing fine arts from different Nigerian specialists, it has a great deal of fine arts in plain view which incorporates beadwork, paintings, sculptures drumming, singing and moving, stone works and carvings, customary linger weaving, weaving and so forth.

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Travel Nigeria

Obudu Farm Resort is great place for family excursion. It includes a water stop with water slide and a swimming pool, a green, evening blazes and horseback riding. In addition, you will bond with your families and nature as you climb through woods and mountains while watching feathered creatures.

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