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NR: Four injured as Dabokpa SHS students clash with residents

At least three students of the Dabokpa Senior High School in Tamale have been injured Tuesday afternoon after clashes broke out between the students and dwellers in the area.

A resident has also been taken to the hospital after police who were dispatched to calm the scenario apparently assaulted him, during the violence with the students who were being prohibited from digging up the ground for a wall to fence their block.

The violent clash was over a decision by the school authorities to eject a resident encroaching on the school land.

The resident, Alhaji Baba and his family have lived on the school land for more than two decades.

Earlier attempts to eject him from the school property have spiked tensions between the school and residents of Dapokpa, who strongly against the removal of the resident.

A court injunction was secured by the Alhaji against the constant aggression and harassment from the school authorities.

The school authorities were asked to engage with Alhaji Baba in a dialogue to find a resolution to the matter.  However, the dialogue broke down some weeks ago sparking the relaxed dispute after the residents attempted to stop the school from building a wall.

On Tuesday, when school authorities gave students orders to dig the ground for the wall building to begin, tenants occupying the disputed house repelled violently.

The students responded by attacking the house with stones.

police were called in after an army of objects wielding residents pulled out to support Alhaji Baba.  The residents broke loose into the students but were timely pushed back by the police.

Three students were injured in the course of the stone exchanges and were sent to hospital.

When S

tarr News visited the school, police armed with AK ammunition were seen providing security to the students who were cratering the ground with pickaxes for the construction of the wall.

The residents have vowed a revenge when the police evacuate.

A police reinforcement arrived again after the Mayor, Musah Superior visited the tensed scene.

Alhaji Baba who spoke to Starr News from the scene accused the Mayor of disrespecting the orders of the court

He said until the matter is settled by the court, he would continue to fight against attempts to remove him from the land.

“I will enter my house. I don’t have anywhere to go. Anything happens it is God. I will leave it for God.  I have three wives with 15 children. That is why I sent it to court. A 22 years house and you are giving me just a week to leave: no compensation,” a worried Alhaji Baba noted amidst sobbing.


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