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Nigerian pastor pops the question to his girlfriend in the cinema


– Nigerian pastor named Kaycee shared lovely photos of when his sweetheart said yes on social media – Pastor Kaycee popped the question in a surprise proposal that happened at the cinema

– His lovely bride said yes and seemed excited to be Pastor Mrs Kaycee

A Nigerian pastor has shown the world his romantic side after sharing photos of the surprise proposal he gave his girlfriend at the cinema.

The darling girlfriend who was excited to her bones said yes to his marriage proposal.

Cinema proposal might be getting old but Pastor Kaycee put a special touch to his for his new bride.

They had planned to go watch a movie and were therefore both dressed casually, except Kaycee who brilliantly hid the ring and made sure there were no suspicions from his girlfriend.

Just after the movie session, friends gathered and the screen started displaying photos of the bride who was shocked to her marrow to see the special length her husband-to-be went to ask for her hand.

It didn’t take long before the pastor got on one knee and pulled out the ring he had been hiding out of sight all evening. The surprised bride burst in tears of joy before she screamed yes and hugged her husband-to- be tightly.




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